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Featured Wedding ~ Dayton & Lauren

In my humble opinion, there's no more romantic season to marry than in winter. And if these snowfall photographs from Dayton and Laurens big day doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

Simply put, the Niagara Region has not seen much snow this year. Now that the white powder has graced every inch, we are reminiscing over Dayton and Laurens lovely winter wedding. 

There’s nothing quite as magical as bridal portraits with white blanketed backdrops like this, and we are reliving that charm today with Erin Trapasso from E.Bake Photography and Design.

Dressed up in the deepest shades of purple, there were subtle nods to the season throughout, including the brides fur that perfectly set the scene. Lauren combined lush white florals with pops of soft lavender freesia, accenting her maids long, dark dresses. Winter foliage was incorporated in the main hall blending with the twinkling falling snow outside. 

Despite the cold, their smiles are contagious. 

Check out a few snapshots of their day decked out with flowers, furs and snowflakes. 

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