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Flowers Here, There, Everywhere!

Every bride is looking to make a great impression with her wedding flowers, and to stand out in the crowd. Here are a few wedding flower ideas that will really leave a lasting impression!

You’ve begun to dream up flowers for your big day, pouring over bridal bouquet pictures and dreaming up table arrangements has now become a new part time job.

As these are some of the most important statements your flowers will make, there are also plenty of small subtle ways to make your guests go from ‘how beautiful’ to, ‘oh my goodness, I have never seen anything so magical and stunning, there isn't a single thing she hasn't thought of’!!

Want to make a lasting impression on your wedding guests with some unexpected and unique floral details? Here are a few ideas!


Let’s be honest: it’s not the place someone really wants to spend their time on a wedding day! However ladies pile up and block the mirror, adjusting straps, touching up lip liner, covering shiny sweaty dancing cheeks, and trying to fix the run in their panty hose.

Thanks to the basket of emergency goodies you’ve left, all that stuff is covered and the crisis is adverted, so now the only thing left is the realization that this room had no wedding appeal at all! Simply add a small arrangement or vase with a few blooms and stems, and when those bathroom selfies are posted, your theme will be included by those few flowers placed on the counter.

The Bar

Another place swarmed by many and loved by all. Perhaps you have some pieces from your ceremony that now are looking for a new home at the reception. The bar is a perfect spot to dress up where you know they will be seen, for well….most of the night! This can also  apply to a number of ‘tables’ such as the cake table, the signing table, perhaps you have a sweet table or even some cruiser tables.

Place Settings

Now this is a detail most do not consider because, well, the centerpieces do most of the work. To place that leafy green or single bloom on a plate or by the name card can really go a long way to adding that ‘extra something’.

This also applies to the ever-so-popular photo booths we see popping up at so many weddings. Having a few stems available for guests to hold or even allowing them to design a bouquet of their own can again dress up those hashtags you’ll see floating around from your day. It’s a reminder to the guests you haven't missed a thing!

Toss Some Petals

Yes, that's correct — toss petals! We all know rice throwing is a thing of the past, but now we look to get showered with love and flower petals. Little DIY paper cones make the perfect vessels to hold a small amount of assorted blossoms ready to be thrown in the air, as you make your way down the aisle, officially as Husband and Wife.

Door Wreaths

Whether you're walking into the church or entering the reception door wreaths right away set the tone and style for your wedding the moment before they even enter. What better way to welcome your guests then with doors or an entrance way that has been dolled up to let them know just the kind of prestige they can expect the rest of the way.

The ways to add small floral touches to your day are endless, and sometimes the smallest of details can have the biggest impact. Need some help planning? Contact us.

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