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Popping the Pinterest Bubble

Every little girl at one point in her life has slipped into one of her mom's oversized dresses and heels, added a string of pearls and some pretty pink lip gloss and dreamed of the moment she would say “I do”.

That girl has now matured and still dreams of her special day, but no longer needs her mom's wardrobe.....Instead, she has a Pinterest account.

Planning Your Wedding With Pinterest

Let's be real. Whether you're engaged or not, somewhere floating on the internet is a Pinterest Board filled with every little perfect detail of your big day – and it looks incredible. Yes, you've thought of it all: favours guests will talk about for months, a venue no one else has even heard of, and most certainly, flowers to drape the entire landscape. It's almost enough to put Kim Kardashian's wedding to shame. Just one reminder, though... you don't have her budget to do it.

Popping the Pinterest Bubble

Planning a wedding is certainly a task not everyone gets excited to tackle. Some brides hire planners, or rely on their mothers, or perhaps their bridal party chips in. The clever ones seek the knowledge from the professionals in the industry. There is hardly a consultation that takes place without a magazine tear out, Pinterest print outs or hand drawn sketches, and we love it! It’s a perfect solution for our designers to get a clear vision and idea of exactly what your dreams are. But that’s just the reality of it - they are dreams.We take these photos and dissect them for colour, style, theme, seasonal blooms and whatever we can to mimic that idea.

But then comes the task every designer loathes: we have to ‘pop the pinterest bubble’.

For example: while having access to photos from around the world is an amazing feature, it also gives us access to view products that are exclusive to other countries, which means we can not always import. And perhaps flowers that are in season in California during June are not in season where you live but are available in September instead - a real bummer, for sure. Also, it's important to remember that you're viewing photos that were created for a photo shoot. That means that often, a one hour lifespan was all that was needed for the flowers in the image, and trying to recreate them to last for your whole wedding day may leave us banging our heads against the wall.

Its truly amazing what can be created when budget and lifespan are not a factor. In reality, budget is usually at the top of the list for most couples. And experience tells us you'll want that show-stopping bouquet to last a little longer than the time it takes to put on your dress!

Making It Work

None of the above means that you can't have a gorgeous, dream wedding. In the end, it's all about perspective. Keeping an open mind is a great asset to bring with you into a floral consultation; and also remember that everything has its price. Yes, some of these Pinterest fantasies can be brought to reality – for a price.

Think of all those beautiful Pinterest images as a starting off point to create something truly unique.

Our designers love to step outside the box to tackle those hard-to-come-by creations. We encourage you to continue to bring us your ideas that could even make Beyonce's jaw drop, or those exclusive masterpieces that were seen at the wedding of Will and Kate. We will work with you and your budget to create your own special one-of-a-kind design; a design that will include a price you can manage while keeping to your overall theme and concept. Dare we say it? – Happy Pinning!!

Ready to show us your Pin-spirations? We would love to see them!

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